Shadow Teaching

The lingering, nagging question during our PLC this morning was: “Are you feeling like you’re really teaching during this time?” and my mind flipped to reframe the question: what are students learning? Because that is what the question should be, always. And acknowledging that what we’re teaching is different in other content areas with more… Read More Shadow Teaching


View this post on Instagram Correspondent @michaelsrubens spoke with an all-star panel of experts to learn how this terrifying nightmare pandemic could actually lead to some progress! You know what they say? When life hands you a devastating global pandemic, give people universal healthcare! A post shared by Samantha Bee (@fullfrontalsamb) on May 15, 2020… Read More reimaginginginginging

The luxury of whimsy (part 1)

New routine includes making a daily plan for school replacement with our kindergarten aged child. Here’s today’s plan. Left side of the page will contain schedule. What other good ideas do you have? — Steel Wagstaff (@steelwagstaff) March 16, 2020 Routines of comfort How do I describe the (odd and inappropriate) envy I… Read More The luxury of whimsy (part 1)