WIHWT: Taking Sides

I wish I had written this: Taking Sides: Revolution or Oppression. Our children’s fears indict us all. Teaching critical thinking skills is not an option. It never was, but seemed to be kept for the elite or college-bound. One cannot teach a skill in isolation. It cannot be a stand-alone, one-off concept. Skills must always… Read More WIHWT: Taking Sides

Talk Tuesday

The intent of “Talk Tuesdays” was twofold: to use the readings/texts in a purposeful way, and invite students to think about discussion, and practice. Well, that is the intent, and we all know about roads paved, etc. But I think I became too distracted or mired in the concept of ‘accountable talk.’ I’m not sure if you… Read More Talk Tuesday

Email Extremism

Fascinating report from WBUR that links to two separate articles about emails in the workplace. Inspired by Principal Gerry Brooks, I wrote my own take on the content of emails not too long ago, and this ties in with the productivity, or lack thereof, with emails. From the outset, I’ll say that though I don’t feel… Read More Email Extremism