…of Fascists

A Terror of Fascists A Nightmare of Fascists A Bloodclot of Fascists Well, it’s kind of a shame on my part that I didn’t monetize this blog before the trolls found it, because whew-boy-howdy, were my stats booming! This silly little place where I collect my thoughts, lesson ideas, share joy, and sometimes sorrows received… Read More …of Fascists


In my drafts folder is a post of what I really want to say, things I want to expose, but experience tells me to censor myself. For now. Reframe it, be mindful, professional, and progress. [TL:DR Skip to the last paragraphs if you want to know what EL teachers do.] Context: I’m in my second… Read More Cement.

not so nice

This reporting deserves a Pulitzer. Now that’s out of the way, Chana Joffe-Walt and the Serial podcast is a must-listen. While I sit in my rage, my fear of personal hypocrisy, and memories of my own education and the parallel worlds of Black and brown children alongside mine and my sons’ I cannot help but… Read More not so nice