In my drafts folder is a post of what I really want to say, things I want to expose, but experience tells me to censor myself. For now. Reframe it, be mindful, professional, and progress. [TL:DR Skip to the last paragraphs if you want to know what EL teachers do.] Context: I’m in my second… Read More Cement.

not so nice

This reporting deserves a Pulitzer. Now that’s out of the way, Chana Joffe-Walt and the Serial podcast is a must-listen. While I sit in my rage, my fear of personal hypocrisy, and memories of my own education and the parallel worlds of Black and brown children alongside mine and my sons’ I cannot help but… Read More not so nice

Series: White People Homework- What’s in a name? (14) (Updated)

We’re not a football family in our house. And like many areas of fandom, it’s okay–no judgment on those who love football, and as far as we know we aren’t judged by others. Wouldn’t matter. So forgive me for not knowing who Emmanuel Acho is. Turns out, he’s pretty amazing! And I am so grateful… Read More Series: White People Homework- What’s in a name? (14) (Updated)

Series: WPH: Teach Your Children Well (4)

We have an opportunity to change. Right now. No more waiting. Right. Now. We teachers have a responsibility and moral directive to change. Every piece of literature, every writing assignment, every single assessment and classroom “management” piece must be viewed through the lens of equity, justice, and culturally relevant teaching. This series will touch on… Read More Series: WPH: Teach Your Children Well (4)