Two Minds.

So… how is it going? Any teacher who is charge of student government / student activities is not paid enough no matter what they are paid — Larry Ferlazzo (@Larryferlazzo) October 3, 2021 Well, a few things. Let’s pretend for one moment that everything is “back to normal.” Wait, I’m not qualified to speak on… Read More Two Minds.

Mercy Street

If there is one word that embodies the zeitgeist, it is the word “grace.” The idea or intent when the word “grace” or “give grace” was used is that it should be given freely, without reciprocity, but poured into the void of others’ grief and sorrow. From now on, the collective noun could be called… Read More Mercy Street

Series: White People Homework: Educators (2) (17)

These educators shape my practice, keep me accountable, and provide the resources and inspiration we can all use in keeping us sustained, accountable, and growing. Their generosity is unsurpassed. These are teachers I’ve met in the virtual world that have included me in direct, collaborative projects. Monise Seward: Monise is THE go-to educator for all… Read More Series: White People Homework: Educators (2) (17)