Creating Genres

Who names the genres? How are genres created? Are we allowed to make new ones? The answers are we do, all different ways, and absolutely yes! My husband shared this article with me. Forever interested in genres, it sparked my thinking about the genesis of genres: The Hottest New Literary Genre Is ‘Doomer Lit’ (Stories… Read More Creating Genres

Genre Lessons

 Yes, a wall of books. It took most students’ breath away, and teachers, too, who peeked in my room. I was inspired to try this real-life sorting activity and authentic book-talks because of pragmatic realities: having moved classrooms nearly every single year, I had had enough of putting books back on shelves by myself, never… Read More Genre Lessons

Game on.

Great conversation the other day: student in my “struggling” reading comprehension group reminded me once again that many kids aren’t necessarily “bad” readers, but not motivatedto read. We had a few moments just to talk about what we were reading, a topic at hand, a bird-walk, so to speak, and he and I discussed a… Read More Game on.

Books You Should Read:

Excerpt: Chapter 20: Dying Languages Speaking, writing, and signing are the three ways in which a language lives and breathes. They are the three mediums through which a language is passed on from one generation to the next. If a language is a healthy language, this is happening all the time. Parents pass their language… Read More Books You Should Read: