Essay, that’s what I say

Great conversations happening regarding writing and the teaching of writing — here are some of my current noticings/wonderings, and attempts at supporting students craft their writing lives. Every student who asks, “How many sentences does it have to be?” has been exposed to either Jane Schaffer or another prescriptive writing curriculum. There is nothing inherently… Read More Essay, that’s what I say

Squirrel Guardian, of the House of Procrastination and Random Mischief

A huge shout-out of gratitude to Angela Stockman: read this first: Ah, the synergy and serendipity of collaboration and conversation. I’m sitting in my writing shed, something I wanted forever, am very grateful to have, and am still paying off. And the barn-style door does not stay propped open on its own (does anything?). Returning… Read More Squirrel Guardian, of the House of Procrastination and Random Mischief


I am not sure how or why, but am completely starstruck: Larry Ferlazzo asked me to be on one of his BAM! podcasts, and that was so cool! The panel consisted of me, Katherine Schultan @KSchulten and Tatiana Esteban @tmce0419, and it was a pleasure to hear their advice and insight on our topic, authentic… Read More Starstruck

New Writing North

#NationalWritingDay @writeday South Shields: I feel most free when….. A fantastic group poem on this year’s theme. — New Writing North Young Writers (@NWNyoungwriters) June 23, 2018 @NWNyoungwriters @NewWritingNorth This post is half-done: curating a list of resources for writers of every age. This stood out. Insomnia is different when it’s summer break:… Read More New Writing North