#mentortext #monday: RAFTS

Not me having to take a few deep breaths to calm my spinning brain down so I can pretend to be a linear thinker for a few hours…

Here we go!

With a Google Form survey, I asked my sophomores what they would like to do for the fourth quarter, and while some of the texts we teachers are required to teach were underwhelming, almost every student said they wanted more writing instruction. To that end, I’ve been trying to weave together my bits of string and yarn to support deeper, authentic writing instruction.

RAFTS Writing Promises:

Here is a great example of a RAFTS: Pretend you are an NPC in a game and provide sidequests to travelers and heroes. What sidequests would you give to the other players? You can choose any setting, plot, range of characters, and story map. Consider making what would be ‘side quests’ in our school environment.
RAFTS: Put famous characters in a perfectly predictable and likely scenario: washing dishes, vacuuming, slipping on ice, etc.
Take a different point of view on a commonly known story from your own life, culture, nation, or beliefs. Be respectful!

I promised my science teammate some science RAFTS, and if anyone has a science or math background and would like to share some in the comments, I’d love that!