Steps of Apologies

Earlier this week, one of the (no need for superlatives here– all students deserve respect without qualifiers) students told me about a comment another one of my colleague’s made: We talked, and the issue isn’t over. One could make a strong argument that I shouldn’t have placed the “Do you want me to do something… Read More Steps of Apologies


In my drafts folder is a post of what I really want to say, things I want to expose, but experience tells me to censor myself. For now. Reframe it, be mindful, professional, and progress. [TL:DR Skip to the last paragraphs if you want to know what EL teachers do.] Context: I’m in my second… Read More Cement.

Moving on.

Yesterday was a terrible day. Nothing in particular happened to me or mine personally, and maybe it was just the last seven months, inside of four years, and the lack of healthy spiritual oxygen to my brain and soul. Our country is in its most precarious place now, and maybe I’m just sick with anger.… Read More Moving on.