Thematic Thursday

Last year one of my students had one of those lightbulb moments, that eureka shake up, awesome anagnorisis,  where she completely understood what I meant by the concept of the difference between topic and theme. This is a biggie. It’s important because it means I can do it. Because teaching theme…teaching it well that is..isn’t easy. So… Read More Thematic Thursday

Stitching themes.

As a follow-up to “How To Teach A Novel,” a treatise on theme. I contend that all the close reading strategies in the world only serve to engage us in the bigger conversation, the “grand conversation’ as my master’s mentor instructed us. (I thank you every day, Dr. Schulhauser.)  One word: Patterns. Patterns in terms… Read More Stitching themes.

Media Festival: Story Unit

Cueva de Las Manos This is a exploration of early human connections and storytelling. Signing, Singing, Speaking: How Language Evolved Music and the Neanderthal’s Communication The Discovery of Fire: Two Million Years of Campfire Stories How Conversations Around Campfire Might Have Shaped Human Cognition And Culture Campfire Tales Serve as Human Social Media Campfire Stories… Read More Media Festival: Story Unit