WIHWT: Taking Sides

I wish I had written this: Taking Sides: Revolution or Oppression. Our children’s fears indict us all. Teaching critical thinking skills is not an option. It never was, but seemed to be kept for the elite or college-bound. One cannot teach a skill in isolation. It cannot be a stand-alone, one-off concept. Skills must always… Read More WIHWT: Taking Sides

Thematic Thursday

Last year one of my students had one of those lightbulb moments, that eureka shake up, awesome anagnorisis,  where she completely understood what I meant by the concept of the difference between topic and theme. This is a biggie. It’s important because it means I can do it. Because teaching theme…teaching it well that is..isn’t easy. So… Read More Thematic Thursday

Source material.

We have had a firehose of information provided us for the SBA writing tasks. I am doing my best to make sense of it. https://prezi.com/embed/1ellu5vq58bz/?bgcolor=ffffff&lock_to_path=0&autoplay=0&autohide_ctrls=0&landing_data=bHVZZmNaNDBIWnNjdEVENDRhZDFNZGNIUE43MHdLNWpsdFJLb2ZHanI0enlpVDZVRG1LczFkVUhqV3lVWEMxSU9BPT0&landing_sign=o1xp6_Srpa1it4zlMAspOx8msf15421FLfCpoauamFI This is the near-final version of the Prezi: but I’m at the point where I can’t edit any further. Its intended audience is the staff right before school starts, to… Read More Source material.