I always have this summer break lag–it takes me a bit to realize it actually is break time, and not only relax, but reflect. And just not think at all. Last summer I had everything planned out, and offered my time and expertise to go over the CCSS and come up with a menu of… Read More Pledge.

WIHWT: Taking Sides

I wish I had written this: Taking Sides: Revolution or Oppression. Our children’s fears indict us all. Teaching critical thinking skills is not an option. It never was, but seemed to be kept for the elite or college-bound. One cannot teach a skill in isolation. It cannot be a stand-alone, one-off concept. Skills must always… Read More WIHWT: Taking Sides

Film Friday

    What was the first movie you ever saw? What was the one that made you cry? Which one terrified you so much you nearly ran, or did run, out of the theatre, or kept the lights on all night? Films and books/texts are not in conflict with one another, they act as pillars… Read More Film Friday

Write-It-Right Wednesday

We are writers. Writing serves my creative mania. In my classroom, historically, we write more than we read. Do I love books? Of course! Am I passionate and excited about passages, excerpts, themes, patterns, characters, and juicy plots? Naturally! But in my experience, if you truly want to a student, a person– to engage, spill… Read More Write-It-Right Wednesday

Lay of the land…

  Update 7/21/15: Edutopia put together a comprehensive guide, too. Over they years multiple “big projects” have been my honor to lead, collaborate, and work on: novel units, curriculum maps, and curriculum adoption to name a few. In an effort to help clarify the sometimes subtle differences between the terms, I’ve endeavored to set sail and navigate… Read More Lay of the land…