Next Level Stuff (revised)

So, your students are fully versed in many close reading strategies, they’ve noticed, noted, whispered, and have mountains of texts and ideas. Now what? Well, the Short Answer Response and the Funnel/Hourglass analysis, that’s what! I have begged, borrowed, and outright pilfered these ideas from two great mentors, Kim McClung and Holly Stein, and provided… Read More Next Level Stuff (revised)

Writing Summaries

Putting It All Together… Last week, we worked on writing summaries. Remember, summaries have some key elements: They are not copied word-for-word. You must re-state in your own words. You may use some key words from the text, but always put in your own words. Summaries have a TAG: Title, Author, and Genre. (The T.A.G.… Read More Writing Summaries