Tech Tools

I have a YouTube channel, and I use it to post teaching and other silly videos. I’ve been trying to figure out how to verify my Youtube site with this blog, but the it’s out of my range of skills. I even asked my husband to come look at it, he just tells me to… Read More Tech Tools

Let’s talk: “Digital Native”

The term, “digital native” has always bothered me. It was coined by a man named Marc Prensky, and its original intent: Prensky defines digital natives as those born into an innate “new culture” while the digital immigrants are old-world settlers, who have lived in the analogue age and immigrated to the digital world. Okay… Read More Let’s talk: “Digital Native”


George Couros has me thinking (again): “What is the difference between school and learning?” His article, One Question We Should Always Ask… made me think deeply about how the relationship between the classroom teacher, the students, and technology. The battle between getting a student’s attention when all they want to do is gaze at the Mirror… Read More Versus.


Forgive my portmanteau: I am operating on little sleep right now. A parent on my district’s unofficial Facebook group posed an interesting question of how technology is used, (or used poorly) in the classroom as the case may be. All I can speak to is my own experience, motivation, gumption, grit, and determination to continue and… Read More Metacognitechnician