'tis the season: December Ideas

Two Writing Teachers posted: https://twowritingteachers.org/2017/10/27/narrative-writing-makes-a-beautiful-gift/ Writing is a gift–and perhaps if students of writing see themselves, their words, as gifts to themselves and others we can reshape how they feel about writing (which isn’t always positive). My favorite December idea: Drabble-A-Day Creative constraints provide necessary restrictions for all of us who wish to create productively.… Read More 'tis the season: December Ideas

8 Days a Week

Let’s pretend we live in a world where no students are ever tardy, there are no altered schedules (no joke: last year there were no fewer* than eight to ten different schedules depending on whether or not it was a morning assembly, afternoon, late start, etc.) The class period is 50 minutes long, after a… Read More 8 Days a Week


Books/Text Recommendations A Curated, But Never Complete, List The focus is primarily 6th grade +: if you have recommendations for elementary school age children, please comment! Make a list. Focus. Read the text/novels/stories first. Make notes. Next discussion: genres. Rinse. Repeat. Nine Websites for Readers https://pernillesripp.com/2016/07/05/some-favorite-book-club-books-for-middle-school/ Common Lit Actively Learn NewsELA Mackinvia Artifact App TeenReads Smithsonian… Read More #TRL