It matters.

Since last summer I’ve participated in the WABS/STEM Fellowship program (Washington Alliance for Better Schools). On May 22 the cohorts presented their Problem-based learning units, and we enjoyed delicious food and riveting speakers. My cohort consisted of one other man, Steve, from my district, a sixth-grade teacher (who’s amazing), a teacher, Gaylynn, from Northshore (also–amazing),… Read More It matters.

Summer lament.

“I have never surfed. But my inner surfer always feels this way, like a sad Beach Boys song, in August…” Every August, for years, I felt that something ritualistic or noteworthy was missing to mark the occasion of summer’s end. The perfumed, yet sulferic combination of back-to-school supplies and popsicles doesn’t buff up the mojo… Read More Summer lament.

Facts and Truth.

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite cousins posted something on Facebook that had questionable origins at best. The Internet has become a huge echo chamber for misinformation, maudlin parables, and a whole lot of cat videos. This particular story was an anecdote about Einstein and religion. It has no basis in fact. I put my… Read More Facts and Truth.

What's in a name?

From the Writer’s Almanac, February 15, 2010: It’s the birthday of the Father of Modern Science, Galileo Galilei, (born in Pisa, Italy (1564). It was Copernicus who suggested that it was the sun, and not the Earth, that was at the center of the universe. But Galileo became a famous public defender of that theory,… Read More What's in a name?