A Lesson on Beautiful Sentences

Originally posted on moving writers:
There is so much ugliness in the world. Enough to last us all for a good long while. As I was adjusting my classes this week, I thought, why not beauty? My AP students have been fixated on the weird and wonderful language in Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five. And frankly,…


Some painful subjects in this post. I have no instructions for how to do this. How to help. What to teach. How to go forward. I am Cassandra: I warn and am shunned because it’s too dangerous and toxic. You can’t just hope your kids won’t be racist. You have to actively prepare them to… Read More defaced

journalism 101

A picture is a worth a thousand words, but often photojournalists don’t get credit for the work they do. Photos turned the tide in the Vietnam War & galvanized support for the civil rights movement. Here’s a look at photojournalists covering the immigration crisis. (THREAD) pic.twitter.com/11Su4tMxoU — Kaz Weida (@kazweida) May 27, 2018 Hey thanks… Read More journalism 101


I wish I could say so much. I wish I didn’t have to censor my story. After Spending $575 Million On Teacher Evaluation, Gates Foundation Says, “Oops”