3Rs: renovate, repair, and replenish

PLEASE go check out the amazing @heymrsbond’s blog!


And while this past week, I’ve been trying to clean up this dusty blog, her blog inspired me to get ON IT — to be honest, this blog will still be steeped in my personality–for better or worse.

This past week I’ve reflected on other teacher-creators who work so hard to build an audience and share their creativity, instructional genius, and love of education. Some have even managed to leverage this into providing income. I think about my friend John Spencer — we found our teacher friendship almost two decades ago, and he’s since gone on to become a professor, author, etc. Oh, and getting his doctorate.

Throughout my marriage, my spouse has been laid off many times. There have been months, and sometimes years, where there hasn’t been any hiring. He’s a genius tech person– knows gaming, and is so skilled in UX design it’s wild. But yet, the days of working for a company for thirty years and retiring are long gone and were gone by our generation. We just didn’t get the memo, and neither did the Boomers. I mention this not for pity or a call to action: just a pragmatic fact that I am the one who has a steady income. And as a teacher, it’s not a lot. We’ve both been trying to get out of our funk and get the energy to practice hustle culture again, and I wonder — remember — I process verbally, and it doesn’t mean anything — but I wonder if I just don’t have what it take to make money from my own expertise and knowledge? I wonder if I should just give this dream up?

Or maybe

just maybe

I’m grieving, aging, and taking stock. And I’m also grateful. I still have gifts to give. Whether or not I find the energy as I near 60 to try to wrangle some of my dreams, well, if not now, when?

No advice is needed. Just thinking out loud.