Creating Curriculum

I love curating content and creating curriculum. Here are some units I’ve put together while in #quarantine: My next projects include Greek Mythology with my Box of Destiny materials, and perhaps other units of study, such as Thesis Writing 101 and Thematic Discussions, and curated content about one or two big questions. Stay tuned! PS… Read More Creating Curriculum

syllabus of silliness

Ah, on my to-do list: an updated syllabus for the Computer Technology Essentials course. I put one together this summer with the foresight that it would need to be modified. As with all things new, what we expect doesn’t always materialize, and what we get is sometimes far greater than we hoped. The current unit… Read More syllabus of silliness

Mind the Map. Here is the teaching point/issue: How do we concurrently 1. teach students how stories work (or how anything works for that matter) 2. use technology to best demonstrate concepts 3. have students practice and grow their own knowledge? One idea: mind mapping. There are multiple available apps, etc. for this technique. We had Inspiration… Read More Mind the Map.

Preparations for departure… We have one more week of school. Laptops are being returned on Monday. (Thank goodness. I’m tired of battling the distraction.) The students have been irritable, anxious; some who began with some growing to do, some maturity to gain, have regressed. Some have grown. That’s middle school: they have a few short weeks… Read More Preparations for departure…