Series: WPH: Juneteenth (19)

Happy Emancipation Day! Just a few facts:The US was 3rd to last in the Americas to abolish slavery. The Emancipation Proclamation came abt partially because enslaved people were self-liberating by the thousands. Don’t let them tell you we just waited to be free.#JuneteenthDay — Ida Bae Wells (@nhannahjones) June 19, 2020 Just a correction-… Read More Series: WPH: Juneteenth (19)

Game on.

Great conversation the other day: student in my “struggling” reading comprehension group reminded me once again that many kids aren’t necessarily “bad” readers, but not motivatedto read. We had a few moments just to talk about what we were reading, a topic at hand, a bird-walk, so to speak, and he and I discussed a… Read More Game on.

Summer lament.

“I have never surfed. But my inner surfer always feels this way, like a sad Beach Boys song, in August…” Every August, for years, I felt that something ritualistic or noteworthy was missing to mark the occasion of summer’s end. The perfumed, yet sulferic combination of back-to-school supplies and popsicles doesn’t buff up the mojo… Read More Summer lament.

Art lives.

  While we mentally live in a virtual world, there is grit and texture in other dimensions, too. Pay attention. The other evening, I went to a benefit concert performed by the Seattle School of Rock and other locations at the Vera Project in Seattle.  It was a strange evening. As my son and I… Read More Art lives.