(We shall return to some other posts on writing, writing workshop, etc. soon.) I have a guilty…well, wouldn’t exactly call it ‘pleasure’…past time, hobby, compulsive process addition, and play a Blizzard game called Hearthstone. It’s a card game based on the archetypal characters in World of Warcraft. It is a value-added app, meaning it’s ‘free’… Read More Gamed.

Spun out.

Spinners. Water bottle flipping. Dabbing. Clicking. Candy wrappers. Sunflower seeds. Little pencils. No pencil. No paper. Uncharged laptop. No charger. Lost charger. Little skateboards. Little paper footballs. // via GIPHY My list is incomplete. There is a legion of ways kids use other objects to distract or fidget with. And no wonder. Quite frankly, a… Read More Spun out.

Lessons of Azeroth

“But back to Jandy Nelson who started off her address by explaining “this belief I have that English teachers are our contemporary shamans: the wakers of sleeping souls, the planters of dreams in heads, the imparters of some of life’s most valuable gifts: compassion, empathy, humanity, ambiguity, wonder, joy.” She went on to describe a… Read More Lessons of Azeroth

This old dog.

Much ado is being made about age these days. Maybe it’s my own resentment of being a digital pioneer, and constantly being reminded I’m in charge of training children for jobs that don’t exist yet (for Pete’s sake, it’s not like I’m asking them to be farriers or corset-stay carvers!) At the NCCE, included in… Read More This old dog.

Through new eyes…

  Innocently a young colleague, not much older than my eldest son, asked me if I had seen ‘Force Awakens,’ and if I liked it. Poor guy. Never believe that asking a simple question to  an English-teacher-quasi-nerd-fan-girl-turned-Jedi-master-saw-original-Star-Wars-changed-life is going to produce a simple answer. I hesitated, and he said, “Oh no.” He knew. So…hesitated, and responded: “I… Read More Through new eyes…


I have wakeful insomnia when my husband goes to bed anytime between 12:50-1:15 am. Aside from being grounds for divorce (JUSTKIDDINGIAMSODAMNTIRED), thought I would open up my brain to see what also is stirred up that prevents me from getting back to sleep. Be warned. It’s not safe. What do I think about between 1… Read More Teachersonomia


The Pensive Sloth posted some funny resolutions recently, and they’ve circulated ’round the social media-es like crazy. Between those tongue-in-cheek somewhat passive aggressive resolutions and John Spencer’s valiant efforts to make sure I, yes me, it’s about me, little ol’me…doesn’t get burnt out, I decided to make my own professional resolutions. In 2016, I resolve to:… Read More Resolved.