Summer Series of Saves: Disrupt the Essay, Continued. (IV)

Three examples of how an essay structure can be dismantled and put back together: I. Chuck Wendig retells The Three Little Pigs: #literaryanalysis essay: Chuck uses the medium of Twitter to take on a writing challenge and analyzing The Three Little Pigs and how it relates to capitalism. That one is easy. Let’s do it.… Read More Summer Series of Saves: Disrupt the Essay, Continued. (IV)


Back in April 2015, Love, Teach wrote a blog post that has been widely circulated, What I Wish I Could Tell Them About Teaching in a Title I School, and it is solidly one of those I wish I had written. My district is in flux now, and I don’t know what exactly is going to… Read More Dowry.

WIHWT: Why I write.

This Wish I Had Written That is inspired by Rebecca Solnit. Sometimes the artmaking stalls out. Sometimes I’ve written my truth and it conflicts with someone else’s narrative. Writers step on toes, cause disquiet, and challenge ideas and status quo: and yes, I count myself in that group. And when I stall out it’s because… Read More WIHWT: Why I write.

WIHWT: Americanah

  (Note to self: ask Cult of Pedagogy if she makes any cash from her links to Amazon.) This “Wish I Had Written That” is stretching a bit here — this novel is meant for grown-ups. This is not a recommendation for secondary students, although if seniors in high school, or even my own children,… Read More WIHWT: Americanah

WIHWT: Green Angel

Are there books or texts you desperately want to teach, to introduce, yet never find the right moment? The place in the curriculum, scope and sequence, where a text resides permanently in outlier territory? Green Angel is one such novel for me. This Wish I Had Written That, authored by one of my favorite writers,… Read More WIHWT: Green Angel