WIHWT: Red Rising

This Wish I Had Written That (WIHWT) post is about my own connections to reading. In 2009, I participated in my first Puget Sound Writing Project, via the National Writing Project. One of the requirements (or labor of love in my case) is a full-blow lesson, complete with all the lesson-y trimmings. I created, from… Read More WIHWT: Red Rising

The core.

  Whereby I confess my most egregious professional sins and meditate, lighting candles to Grant, Wiggins, and Burke, in order to get my head back on right. And a favor: please do not make assumptions about where I’m going with this, and be honest with yourself–it is a rare human who’s never experienced a pang of professional… Read More The core.

WIHWT: Missing book

I forgot today was Wednesday. Just for a moment. And then I remembered today is my attempt to put something in under the “Wish I Had Written That” tag–been thinking a lot lately about dwarfs, drinking and eating dwarfs specifically, and the scene in The Hobbit (JRR Tolkien) where the dwarfs invade Bilbo Baggins’ hobbit hole,… Read More WIHWT: Missing book