hand of fate

I have wakeful insomnia when my husband goes to bed anytime between 12:50-1:15 am. Aside from being grounds for divorce (JUSTKIDDINGIAMSODAMNTIRED), thought I would open up my brain to see what also is stirred up that prevents me from getting back to sleep. Be warned. It’s not safe.

What do I think about between 1 and 3 am? 

The student whose mother left.

The student whose mother died.

The student who has a concussion and can’t attend to discussions.

Wondering if I was too ambitious in my unit.

The students who send me emails they turned something in.

The students with Fs.

The students with As.

How I need to exercise more.

How my son is doing.

If my husband’s new job will work out.

If I will ever write a little fiction.

If our puppy will ever be rid of her demodex.

If our older dog will ever stop barking at the puppy.

If my older son is going to be okay with a Math Minor/Russian/German majors.

If the kitchen will be cleaned (it wasn’t, and won’t be).

If the ceiling is going to cave in.

If I’ll be able to get the bathrooms redone. (And what is that black spot under the flooring?)

If I’ll be able to finish the book club book before next week.


Trump followers who can’t stop being angry.

If I’ll get some creative mind or physical space in this household. (It seems unlikely unless I make some radical changes and requests.)

If we’ll make it to payday. (We will.)

What do I not worry about?

Whether or not Kenye makes a Bowie cover album.






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