Do you know anything about the bands Heilung, Danheim, and Tyr?

And I have a side-quest today:

The Druid's Forest



Sure. Just for clarification, when I decide to use a band/musician’s song for religious purposes, if they sing “Norse” or “Viking” theme music, it’s incredibly important to me that they -at the very least- are willing to denounce white supremacy when asked. Obviously, I wish they would be very vocal about it, but I’ll at least accept them being able to say they don’t support white supremacy when asked.

When I asked Danheim about this, it was a bit difficult because he speaks Danish and his English is okay but sometimes it’s difficult to translate. I’d only found one interview with him in Danish that covered the topic of the problem of white supremacists within this part of culture and I just wanted to make sure. He said, as most bands would, that he can’t control who listens to his music but he does not support white supremacy…

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