Media Festival: Story Unit

Cueva de Las Manos This is a exploration of early human connections and storytelling. Signing, Singing, Speaking: How Language Evolved Music and the Neanderthal’s Communication The Discovery of Fire: Two Million Years of Campfire Stories How Conversations Around Campfire Might Have Shaped Human Cognition And Culture Campfire Tales Serve as Human Social Media Campfire Stories… Read More Media Festival: Story Unit

Books You Should Read:

Excerpt: Chapter 20: Dying Languages Speaking, writing, and signing are the three ways in which a language lives and breathes. They are the three mediums through which a language is passed on from one generation to the next. If a language is a healthy language, this is happening all the time. Parents pass their language… Read More Books You Should Read:

You don't say?

From The Writer’s Almanac, April 14, 2010: But then two brothers from Springfield, Massachusetts, stepped in: Charles and George Merriam. They bought the rights to the dictionary and the unsold copies, sold it at a low price, and changed the company to “Merriam-Webster” because Webster had such name recognition. They printed the first Merriam-Webster dictionary… Read More You don't say?