Note to self: share with students again

coffee cold broken dishwasher grieving family grieving my heart help lost dreams of great white sharks and throats and is it good enough should I go back and try again imagine that they believe they are wolves when they are jackals ideas spring like mushrooms mold don’t know what to clean or parse or split little notes sticky sticky notes cling to my neurons just need to sleep sleep and sleep some more

This was the internal running dialogue this morning. I’ve managed to overwhelm myself with distractions, and their diminishing returns are quite noticeable in my mood and motion (or lack thereof).

My impulsive mouth gets me into so much trouble. While I think I need a rest, what might be truer is I need to shut up. I can’t stay contained for too long, though, so here’s a list of topics I may need to address soon:

  • Cell phones in the class — I can’t describe in a quick TikTok all the nuances of cell phones and learning, or a barrier to learning. I hesitate because ageism is real with some younger teachers.
  • What happens when propagandized media outlets dox and attack teachers? It’s happening.
  • How’s that science of reading thing going?
  • All the good things that have happened this year
  • Organizing my writing instruction: I have hundreds of ideas and must curate them in an organized, manageable way.

This writing space is MY space. While I loathe that some trolls put flaming bags of dog poop and lit them on fire in my digital spaces, I am resilient. I have love and support. And my Crocs wash off.