View this post on Instagram Correspondent @michaelsrubens spoke with an all-star panel of experts to learn how this terrifying nightmare pandemic could actually lead to some progress! You know what they say? When life hands you a devastating global pandemic, give people universal healthcare! A post shared by Samantha Bee (@fullfrontalsamb) on May 15, 2020… Read More reimaginginginginging

Looking for trouble.

  As a follow up to What Seems to be the Trouble, Lady? post, the question arises concerning teacher/educator power versus “other” power, and what possible damage can Devos do? Well, let’s take one possible walk through the Woods of Broken Pencils: Get rid of protections for LBGTQ students. Check: Get rid of protections for… Read More Looking for trouble.

Numbers game.

None of this is new news. We are hurting. Our economy, our growth, our creativity: we see it, we call it out, and we try, desperately, to avert the tsunami. And it feels as if the invisible force of money drowns us, like a force of nature, pressure systems, and earthquakes shaking us little humans… Read More Numbers game.