Numbers game.

None of this is new news. We are hurting. Our economy, our growth, our creativity: we see it, we call it out, and we try, desperately, to avert the tsunami. And it feels as if the invisible force of money drowns us, like a force of nature, pressure systems, and earthquakes shaking us little humans… Read More Numbers game.

Didgeridoo not.

Or didgerimostdefinitelydo.* I wish I had it in me to write that “top ten things to do by the end of the year” or “keep middle school students engaged” post. I’m not burnt out or even remotely sad orĀ irritated by my students this year — they’ve been consistently awesome, and renewed my love of teaching.… Read More Didgeridoo not.

To be fair.

Caution: This is going to get political. My question: is this all wishful thinking? Should I roll over for Hillary and her status-quo, dynasty style politics? Are African American voters seeing something I’m not?Ā (Or again, is that too much of a sweeping generality?) I’ve been indirectly taken to task for being “privileged” (though I never… Read More To be fair.