Month of May Mothers: Smart moms.

The old adage, “a woman’s work is never done” feels true for many adults these days. People have always worked, and in most opinions, the phrase ‘working moms’ is redundant – it applies to all mothers, whether the mom has a job outside of the home or not. Staying home with small children is demanding and rewarding, too.

But what if you don’t have any choices or options because of a lack of education?

There are many who disparage the United States’ system of education, and yes, it’s flawed. It’s unevenly funded, it’s overly competitive at a time when we should be working harder to provide access to all, and is harangued on all corners by special interest groups.

But consider the following:

Literacy rates (people who can read and write over the age of 15):

Angola: 67.4% (83% men/54%women)

Bangladesh: 47.9% (54% men/41% women)

Belgium: 99% (99% men/99% women)

United States: 99% (99% men/99% women)

Somalia: 37.8% (49% men/ 25% women)

The infant mortality rate in the US is 6.26/1000 live births. In Somalia, it’s 109.19/1000 live births. I bring up this sad number to draw a possible correlation: countries that support women’s health and education have a great chance of survival, economic success, and prosperity.

Take your education seriously. I realize that in our greedy world we don’t always value what others value, but it is indeed a gift.


Information from the CIA Factbook: