Mercy Street

If there is one word that embodies the zeitgeist, it is the word “grace.” The idea or intent when the word “grace” or “give grace” was used is that it should be given freely, without reciprocity, but poured into the void of others’ grief and sorrow. From now on, the collective noun could be called a “Vacuum of Grace.” A Hollow of Grace.

A Ghost Ship of Grace.

Because when we’re all seeking solace, the energy of forgiveness, the process, requires a massive amount of exertion. And speaking for myself, coming into the party with a deficit of depression (hey, another one! Deficits of Depression!) scraping the sides of our hearts and joy seemed nay impossible some days. But we got up, we did our work, we tried to comfort others, and we tried to comfort ourselves.

Like grief, grace cannot be mandated, weaponized or judged. It comes just on time, on its own time. Grace is given. It is a gift. And givers and recipients come to this from their own cultures and backgrounds. From harm and heart, truth and shadow.

Grace became another empty word to me this past year, and then this Hidden Brain episode came on the radio. My tendency is to be quick to forget, and never to forgive. However I am seeking inner transformation, and on my own time. My own time is the only time I have.