Series: White People Homework: Educators (2) (17)

These educators shape my practice, keep me accountable, and provide the resources and inspiration we can all use in keeping us sustained, accountable, and growing. Their generosity is unsurpassed. These are teachers I’ve met in the virtual world that have included me in direct, collaborative projects.

Monise Seward: Monise is THE go-to educator for all things math, special education, and just all-around amazing. She supports students first. She invited me to work on curating resources this summer, and I don’t want to let her down. You can find her on Twitter: @MoniseLSeward

Alicia Blankenship–caring, resourceful, and generous:

Larry Ferlazzo: though I’ve followed his work for years, since becoming an EL teacher his work is holds greater value for my practice. Follow his work: I am wondering if he has a clone somewhere because his work and energy is boundless!

Holly Stein and Kim Norton: two of my writing project teachers, and very dear friends. I’m still working on that book, ladies.

#ProjectLit: becoming a community leader in #ProjectLit, started by Jarred Amato, which provided me with the opportunities to meet Jason Reynolds, introduce me to Mrs. Hall, and many other teachers who share a passion for books that our students want to read.

It’s hard to express the joy of finding others to work with, share, create, who inspire, and show me grace and love. And since this series is “White People Homework” I am asking white teachers who grumble, complain, and disparage “those students” I would feel pity for you if you weren’t harming children. But alas, I don’t. I’m not that generous. But if you’re feeling sad, hateful, and discouraged, there are others out there who show and share love and generosity. You can have those gifts, too. But you must let go of that ignorant hate first. It’s your choice.