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A Terror of Fascists

A Nightmare of Fascists

A Bloodclot of Fascists

Well, it’s kind of a shame on my part that I didn’t monetize this blog before the trolls found it, because whew-boy-howdy, were my stats booming! This silly little place where I collect my thoughts, lesson ideas, share joy, and sometimes sorrows received attention. I almost wrote “unwanted” attention. And while no one wants hate speech directed at them, I’ve chosen not to take it personally, because it’s not about the individual. Their hate is the most equalitarian thing about them: they hate and fear everyone, even themselves. (I might remain a little salty over family members who’ve been complicit in this fear-mongering, but that’s my personal issue.)

We all know this.

Case in point: this woman had her sidewalk cleared of snow by two generous young men, and this is her shaking and crying in fear in her garage, and calling the police on them. This is what the fear and propaganda machines have done. They have completely fear-baited this woman to the point of a mental crisis, and her calling the cops on this young man could have ended with him being killed.


YT Woman Tears: Not just for YT women, @lonzogambino has the full encounter.

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This creator, @TizzyEnt, does an excellent job of revealing the identities of racist, bigoted, and dangerous people. And while we may applaud internet vigilantism, unfortunately, the average person doesn’t have the following nor the funding when attacked by the fascists. It’s me. I’m the average person.

We all know this.

It’s about well-funded, targeted attacks at whole communities, taking them apart, dividing them, one by one, feeling the rush of “gotchas” and “whataboutisms” until some of us wake up and realize we’ve been in a war of attrition and they’re winning. BIPOC folks, Indigenous, and women* (we’ll get into the white women later), have known this forever. And if it was my turn to draw their time and funding/energy at me, okay. I haven’t done anything wrong. In fact, I must be doing something right if they sicced their media dogs on me.

We all know this.


The fight against fascism: an incomplete & insufficient playbook

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We’ve been watching our country turn to fascist ideologies off and on for…ever. Start with 1492, and Columbus’s genocide. Start with 1619, when enslaved persons came to the colonies. Time and again when white women keep voting for their abusers and have never seen to get out of this cult. We know white suffragettes didn’t intend for women of color to have the same rights. And all anyone can do is learn from the past, and do better. It’s the ‘do better’ part that seems to have some folks in a tailspin because for them to do better, they would need to adjust their beliefs to love their fellow humans, be kind, show grace, and mercy, and just promote life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. What’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding?

We all know this.


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Sometimes students share something that is causing them harm. We, teachers, have been saying for years to add counselors, mental health experts, and other social and emotional services to buildings. To say that there has been pushback is an understatement. Fortunately for students, at least in my state, we understand the laws: there are counselors and family liaisons, and the goal is to provide transparent and equitable conversations for families and their children. We are mandated reporters. I keep my personal political and religious opinions to myself and teach critical thinking skills, respect families’ and cultural values, and create an inclusive environment for students and their families. I have welcomed parents and guardians into my room. I am media literate and understand the signs of indoctrination. History, literature, the arts, science, math, and other life skills and artisan education provide a wide variety of experiences for students in a public education setting. (Is it equitable across the nation? Nope.) So when someone says “stick to academics,” absolutely.

But in other states, such as Texas, being a teacher is fraught with political ideologies that attack not only someone doing their job but the very families they serve. And if my little opinion is attacked, trust me, as I’ve been saying — they are moving forces to all states. They are fighting a new, digital Civil War. It’s heartbreaking to witness this, in real-time.

We all know this.

And our children grow up. They make their own decisions. And that’s terrifying for some families. And adults with children who do not want their children to grow up and make decisions for themselves, and will blame anyone but their own actions. So when an adolescent shares with a friend that their mom will kick them out of the house if they are LGTBQ+, or a student breaks up with a boyfriend, we’re the first line of defense. We share with students that there are adults who care about them, and we can provide support. Parents and guardians are always informed. There are no secrets. And over the years, I’ve told students this value of mine: they are someone’s child, and it is an honor for me to be their teacher. For my own children, I wanted them to be adults whom I’d like to know. Kind, funny, smart, and caring. And that’s what my spouse and I have. And I believe most parents want this, too.

We all know this.

We all know this.


Plz leave words of kindness and love to this person and yourselves. #fy #fyp #men #women #singlemom #datingadvice #lovearmy

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I added this one because they are doing amazing work. We still have so far to go.

We all know this.

We all know this.

I deactivated my Twitter account. As my spouse said, El00n Muuusk weaponized the trolls, gave them all blue checks, and then put a dome over it. So, looking at my circle of control (which is an illusion, but it’s my illusion, and right now, it’s all I’ve got), I’m going to do what my Twitter tagline said since 2009, the quote by Mary Oliver, “…what are you doing to do with your one wild and precious life?” What indeed.

Here’s my list of 99 problems I typed up in 2018.