The luxury of whimsy (part 1)

New routine includes making a daily plan for school replacement with our kindergarten aged child. Here’s today’s plan. Left side of the page will contain schedule. What other good ideas do you have? — Steel Wagstaff (@steelwagstaff) March 16, 2020 Routines of comfort How do I describe the (odd and inappropriate) envy I… Read More The luxury of whimsy (part 1)

Control issues.

All together now… So, I wasn’t surprised this morning when I woke up to read a front-page story on the Seattle Times Internet page regarding that the teachers’ union and the school district still haven’t reached a compromise. Maybe the word “compromise” is too generous. Compromise suggests that both sides are willing to give up… Read More Control issues.

Wow. That was weird.

 Well, last night I had a surreal experience. I went to my first large group teachers’ union meeting. I’m still trying to untangle how democratic the process was, what benefit it created, or detriment the outcome threatens. But before I go any further with my thoughts, I will say this: I am darn glad I… Read More Wow. That was weird.