I always have this summer break lag–it takes me a bit to realize it actually is break time, and not only relax, but reflect. And just not think at all. Last summer I had everything planned out, and offered my time and expertise to go over the CCSS and come up with a menu of… Read More Pledge.

Because….books. Love this idea from Cult (and am jealous of her cute little hair flippy-do)! To my ELA local peeps–if you have ideas about books we can share with a middle level/YA book club, I think we should do some home-grown discussions. One of our issues is the… BOOK ROOM! So…how about we take some… Read More Because….books.

Read or perish.

This week I posted ten educational books that have helped me. That list could be pages long. But it made me think — while those books help with lesson structure or instructional strategies (recipes and formulas) they haven’t necessarily shaped who I am as an educator. Here’s a short but impactful list of books that… Read More Read or perish.

Keys to the kingdom…

Great post from Nerdy Book Club on books adolescent boys may enjoy. Most I’ve read, but there are quite a few new/surprises: Top Ten Books to Give to Adolescent Boys* And not only that: that blogroll. Talk about some link love! Check out the blogroll on that site–so many good resources. I’m not accepting students… Read More Keys to the kingdom…

Chivalry isn't dead.

Here is my attempt to help students using the Notice and Note strategies for one of my favorite short stories, ‘Chivalry‘ by Neil Gaiman.   Or: Wait, you know what? I think you might enjoy doing this yourself. I don’t want to spoil the story for you. I believe there is an example of every… Read More Chivalry isn't dead.

Make a note of it.

This is a portrait of me done by a student: I added the glasses. All the better to see you with, my dear. Two Thoughts: *Annotating the world Here is a follow-up list for my Duly Noted post: More annotating on-line tools: (some of these aren’t available) Diigo A.nnotate Bounce Annotateit All this stuff is great,… Read More Make a note of it.

WIHWT: Americanah

  (Note to self: ask Cult of Pedagogy if she makes any cash from her links to Amazon.) This “Wish I Had Written That” is stretching a bit here — this novel is meant for grown-ups. This is not a recommendation for secondary students, although if seniors in high school, or even my own children,… Read More WIHWT: Americanah