How does he get all those marvelous toys?

How do many teachers I follow on social media get the books their students read? How? Do they have budgets, sponsorships, donations, bake sales?

When my sons were in school, teachers could ask parents to buy the books. It was just expected. And as middle-class parents, we dutifully did so without question. But in a Title I school, I wouldn’t dream of asking parents to buy books–so I made do. And bought a lot myself. Our current librarian has done a marvelous job of getting some of the best, new titles, but often the library is empty of students.

If there is one book you could buy every student, what would it be? I think How to Be An Explorer of the World by Keri Smith would be my choice–or a blank journal.

In the meantime, I’ll mind my digital space, and keep this question in mind. Any suggestions are welcome.