the kids

When I saw this post yesterday, I made a simple comment about how we, the adults, are in control. You would have thought I turned into a spotted donkey in front of their eyes and said the moon was made of green cheese. According to one woman, “I” was THE PROBLEM. No, ma’am. We all… Read More the kids


TL:DR I am wondering if folks sometimes too narrowly focus on the one thing, instead of addressing the bigger, more challenging questions/issues. A few things I’ll weave together: Recently had an exchange about books* My older son told me about his friend who’s become an “anti-natalist.” The Venn Diagram in my mind connects in the… Read More Zealot.


Some painful subjects in this post. I have no instructions for how to do this. How to help. What to teach. How to go forward. I am Cassandra: I warn and am shunned because it’s too dangerous and toxic. You can’t just hope your kids won’t be racist. You have to actively prepare them to… Read More defaced

Two Minds.

So… how is it going? Any teacher who is charge of student government / student activities is not paid enough no matter what they are paid — Larry Ferlazzo (@Larryferlazzo) October 3, 2021 Well, a few things. Let’s pretend for one moment that everything is “back to normal.” Wait, I’m not qualified to speak on… Read More Two Minds.