Summer Series of Saves: The Cockroach (II)

New Yorker cartoons often remind me of the importance of prior knowledge. — Kelly Gallagher (@KellyGToGo) July 3, 2018 When Kelly Gallagher tweeted about prior knowledge, he hit on something critical in this idea: that prior knowledge is also culturally dependent. And this is key: culturally dependent also includes time, place, setting, generational, and… Read More Summer Series of Saves: The Cockroach (II)

poetry month 30 ways to celebrate national poetry month Request a free copy of the National Poetry Month poster until mid-April; posters can be purchased for $5.00 each in our Poets shop thereafter (while supplies list). Sign up for Poem-a-Day and read a poem each morning. Sign up for Teach This Poem, a weekly series for teachers. Memorize… Read More poetry month

Flip-it, flip-it good

Three ideas: Flipgrid How did I not immediately try Flipgrid when I first heard about it? Perhaps the sheer onslaught of ed-tech overwhelmed me. No matter. I’m trying it now. Because: Soft-skills are hard to do Caitlin Tucker’s Soft Skills Rubrics: and more. Click and copy. Playlists and Poetry: Eve L. Ewing’s book… Read More Flip-it, flip-it good