View this post on Instagram Correspondent @michaelsrubens spoke with an all-star panel of experts to learn how this terrifying nightmare pandemic could actually lead to some progress! You know what they say? When life hands you a devastating global pandemic, give people universal healthcare! A post shared by Samantha Bee (@fullfrontalsamb) on May 15, 2020… Read More reimaginginginginging

Deep down.

  Today I was observed for the last 40 minutes of my last class of the day on the first day back from winter break, and that was perfectly fine. I trust my evaluator completely and know that the feedback I receive will be informed and valuable. In our time -constrained worlds, though, I am… Read More Deep down.

She's a witch!

You know those Facebook click-bait headlines that describe a phenomenon that happened 10, 15, or more years ago? They make even a 19-old-year feel nostalgic for when they were in high school, or even nostalgic for last week. I am always heartened by Monty Pythons references–those were my ‘memes’ back in 1978–I recognized fellow nerds by our… Read More She's a witch!