WIHWT: the beginning of The Graveyard Book

There was a hand in the darkness, and it held a knife.

The knife had a handle of polished black bone, and a blade finer and sharper than any razor. If it sliced you, you might not even know you had been cut, not immediately.

The knife had done almost everything it was brought to that house to do, and both the blade and the handle were wet.

The Graveyard Book  by Neil Gaiman Copyright 2008

One thought on “WIHWT: the beginning of The Graveyard Book

  1. I love the vimeo video from last Friday. It’s hard to understand it and it isn’t very simple to read it. But once you watch it and just “imagine” the scene and everything in the video, you will get it. Have a nice weekend Mrs. Love 🙂


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