The Pensive Sloth posted some funny resolutions recently, and they’ve circulated ’round the social media-es like crazy. Between those tongue-in-cheek somewhat passive aggressive resolutions and John Spencer’s valiant efforts to make sure I, yes me, it’s about me, little ol’me…doesn’t get burnt out, I decided to make my own professional resolutions.

In 2016, I resolve to:

1. Continue to take risks, even if it means being rejected. 

Recently I applied to the PSED position as a teacher/blogger voice, and no, didn’t make the cut. The e-mail is privacy protected, but I don’t think it would harm to say they had ‘other candidates that more suited their needs.” Dang. Now that makes me think two things:

*I would love to see what the other bloggers are doing: with some digging, I found the link of the ones who made the cut – congratulations to them all!

*What am I doing wrong? (And, what am I doing right?)

Being rejected hurts, and I seem to take it on the glass chin sometimes. Maybe it’s because my husband is currently looking for another position, (and in his field he is always job hunting), he must received scores of rejections every time he has to hit the pavement. We as a couple do our best to analyze the situation, make pragmatic course adjustments, and carry on. And, honestly, we take turns at who gets to feel in the dumps. But I need to take a page from his playbook and thicken my skin. Which leads me to my next resolution:

2. Keep striving for professional excellence: if I am at the point in my career where I’m starting to feel restless, ambitious, and needing a challenge, then I am not going to be falsely modest. It’s okay to want to grow.

3. Package my good lessons/units into shared items, and get them on TpT.

4. Don’t take myself so seriously.



negative people

5. Shield self from dart-throwers, nay-sayers, trolls, goblins, negative Nancy’s, poo-poo heads, frowny-faces, mean people, sour grapes, bushwhackers and shenanigans.



6. Remind students there is no such thing as extra credit. Or as Yoda would say, Credit there is not extra.

7. Write for myself more. Make a writing plan. Map out writing territories. And be jealous and guarded of my time.

8. Less grading, more feedback.

9. Keep rocking. Keep rolling.



10. And be grateful as a matter of course, every day.

Happy New Year to one and all – wishing us all health, the ability to think on our feet, kindness, and laughter!





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