Chasing the Golden Techie: Part II

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Okay – thank you for indulging my history lesson on one school’s adventure with 1:1. I saw this passing ’round the Interwebs not too long after posting, and realize, just like a thousand other Dorothy with ruby red shoes, I had the power all along. And I’ve been doing this all along. Units I have planned for my content area this year balance a “this is how it was/what happened” and “this is how it is now” approach: everything from the Salem Witch Trials, to the upcoming Yellow Fever and Second Amendment units I’m planning. Years past, using Burning Questions blog and presentations students demonstrated huge understandings of the world, resources, and their views.

But my expert friends on PBL: how can I construct this with a math and science teacher? I can do this on my own: how to bring others into the conversation who may not want to look through the lens of early American history? What if they have something completely different in mind–it can’t be driven by my content area? Here are some troubleshooting guides, but what advice is there for working with partners on the adult/professional level? 

Ultimately, there is only one rule–make it student-focused. Any other thoughts? Feedback? Potholes you’ve fallen in and you can help me avoid? All advice is welcome.

As an aside, more tools: The Ultimate List of Tutorials, Apps, and Games to Teach Kids Coding