Traveling lightly…a little heavily.

So, yeah. My folks live in Texas, and I love them. I am going to visit them this summer. In fact, I should be packing right now. Making a list and checking it twice. I wonder if the more one is resistant to traveling the more one needs the vacation in the first place? I know it’ll be fun once I get there–it’s hot, sunny, with clear starry skies, crickets chirping, and so many fireflies, competing with the stars for attention. There’s yummy Tex-Mex food, which I cannot seem to find its equal in Washington state. My dad will make weak coffee, and my mom will provide good conversation. We talk about books a lot (we love to read). I have one living grandmother, and I’ll get to see her, although every time she sees me she says “you’re still beautiful” because I have a pretty face but have gotten a little chubby over the years. My cousins will be there, and I’ll get to catch up with aunts and uncles, too. So…if I can just keep myself from bringing a laptop, too many teacher-training books, too many To Do lists and mental baggage, it’ll be a good trip.

What is your definition of a good vacation? Do you have to leave your house?