Move heaven and earth…

What feeds your soul? If I didn’t know about The Odyssey…or ancient storytelling, what would my relationship with incredible texts be with N.K. Jemison, Junot Diaz, Adrianne Huron, Neil Gaiman, Naomi Alderman, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Colson Whitehead…and on and on. Writers from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, and experiences, all weaving grand stories…if I didn’t have exposure… Read More Move heaven and earth…

Bluebird of happiness

The ultimate playlist: — Kelly (@mrskellylove) October 31, 2017 I ordered this five minutes ago, (because it’s payday, and these things must wait for paydays) and even indulgently asked for free same-day shipping. I am so grateful for Three Teachers Talk for promoting Newkirk’s new book. My great and burning question may be answered… Read More Bluebird of happiness


Ah, all of this: From    [embeddoc url=”” download=”all” viewer=”microsoft” ] Response to Literature [embeddoc url=”” download=”all” viewer=”microsoft” ]  

Love for all.

We’re on SnowDay 3: our district may have been overly cautious for today because the roads are fine. No matter, today it’s time for some titanic-sized focus, clearing and cleaning up, and I’m all for it. Started posting on the Poetry Club site for students, and next, thinking about how to confer with all students on… Read More Love for all.

The longview.

Dangit, accidentally turned on my alarm this morning. I was in the middle of a deep, twisted dream, probably a result of too much homemade corn chowder and Series of Unfortunate Events before I fell asleep. It had a very vampire-steampunk-elitist quality to it. Reading Three Teachers Talk, “10 Things We Did that Invited Initiative… Read More The longview.