roadmap: 2 mile mark

Here are some additional resources to my post ‘roadmap’ concerning learning targets, success criteria, and considering when and how to modify, abandon, or double-down: How Clear Expectations Can Inhibit Genuine Thinking in Students Throughout that first week of school and on into the school year, Karen was reliably consistent with her students. Still, the thinking… Read More roadmap: 2 mile mark

Very dry.

Currently, is there any topic that more widely confusing and debated than learning targets/success criteria? Right about now, I’d love to adopt John Spencer’s Design Thinking, use and implement what I know from Kelly Gallagher, Kylene Beers, Donnalyn Miller, Pernille Ripp, and the writers at Ethical ELA, Marzano, DuFour, Mattos. Richard DuFour and Mike Mattos… Read More Very dry.


For years, a continuing lament of teachers is students’ ‘learned helplessness.’ I witnessed this time and again: students who eschew pencils on the ground or break them then repeatedly asking for another, treating provided materials with disdain, echoing phrases of “I don’t know” or “I don’t understand,” and waging a war of attrition: who’s going to break first–… Read More Agility.