Counting blessings.

This is not about religion, spirituality, or adherence to any doctrine or prescription. This is about neuroscience. Specifically, my cortisol levels. For weeks now, due to personal and professional life events, I experience mini ‘panic attacks’ just before I fall asleep. It doesn’t happen every night, and the frequency increases before work, like on a… Read More Counting blessings.

Write. The Writing Prompt Students, please respond to the writing prompt below with an up-to-700-word letter: Think about what matters most to you about our country’s future. Write a letter to someone important to you, describing that future you imagine and hope for.   Who is Eligible? You must be a classroom teacher—homeschool cooperative, resource… Read More Write.

Mighty Myth Month: What's in the box, Dora? Pandora’s “box” is a modern invention going back only as far as Erasmus. According to Hesiod, the evils of all men were shut up in a storage jar (pithos) buried in the ground. This is connected by some with the Athenian festival of pithoigia, – when the great vats (pithoi) of new wine were… Read More Mighty Myth Month: What's in the box, Dora?