the kids

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When I saw this post yesterday, I made a simple comment about how we, the adults, are in control. You would have thought I turned into a spotted donkey in front of their eyes and said the moon was made of green cheese. According to one woman, “I” was THE PROBLEM. No, ma’am. We all are. All of us adults.

You know. We, the ones who pay taxes, vote, get degrees, do laundry.

@heymrsbond shared her amazing thoughts, too (she’s given me permission to share her words, and hoping it’s still okay this time, too)

Please don’t misunderstand or take my thoughts out of context. Some children are in so much deep pain, and can cause physical harm to themselves and others. I’m not prepared to dive into the health issues, etc., except to name that not a single child on this planet asks to be here.

We in the United States have never had a good history of taking care of children. White supremacy enslaved children. Made them work in fields, factories, and farms. Sent them away from their parents. Stripped them of their futures. Their dreams. We put children in prisons, cages, and centers. And when we figured out public education would be a good thing for democracy, white supremacy continued to separate, segregate, underfund, destroy, and demand gratitude and obedience. Patriarchy continues to hold its ground in destroying women’s health care and health care for everyone.

So, when a child rages in school, why does anyone have the audacity to act surprised? And then not take action?

I’m going to pay attention to policies that support counselors, family support, yell from the rooftops to continue the child tax credit, and #smashthepatriarchy

Postscript: There is so much more to say. But right now, the adults need to grow up.