Good Ideas

Trying to take one breath, one moment, and capture some of the good ideas out there, either from my own noggin or others. And the thing is, many of these ideas I feel I should have been doing all along — not just greeting kids and doing community building activities at the beginning of the year, but more before school connections. (Oh, wait, yeah, at a previous school the admin didn’t have schedules finalized until October, so there’s that…)

  1. Sending invites and RSVPs to my students
  2. Making Bitmoji classrooms: not because I love Bitmoji, but because it gave me a focus and teaching therapy.
  3. Google Sites are ready to go
  4. Getting goody bags ready for students to pick up tomorrow (masks on, people!)
  5. Going to make a lesson with ‘song of the week’ where students get to choose the theme song/share a favorite song (no explicit language)
  6. Emailing support and colleagues to make sure I have supplies and materials for students–it feels like we’re coming out of a deep freeze from March
  7. Made an introductory video (it’s not done yet)

Need to add the ‘after” information…

There will be more, I’m sure. Every year is different from the one before, and starting year 15, I’m just now realizing that’s a good thing.

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