Series: White People Homework (20) Who?

I read a Tweet yesterday about “canceling Lincoln.” No one is ‘canceling Lincoln.’ But I am asking teachers to do a much better job and overhaul the curriculum and framing of the Civil War.

Teachers: I used this document as a shared reading piece. The students came to their own conclusions: no, Lincoln did not free the slaves.

This thread by Jared Yates Sexton is also a good place to start with thinking about Lincoln’s role and shifts in philosophy.

Dr. Kendi discusses #Juneteenth:

Contextual framing is required for teaching our history. We must teach the concepts of paradoxes, of conflict, and abstract thinking skills so students, and us teachers, too, can hold conflicting thoughts, ideas, and facts in our minds in order to construct a broader, more accurate view of history. This is the challenge in our times of transactional, binary “leadership” and thinking. We think in terms of winners and losers, and we must move and evolve to consider what harm is caused, consequences, and how fear, greed, culture and needs impact us.

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