Series: WPH: Teach Your Children Well (4)

We have an opportunity to change. Right now. No more waiting. Right. Now. We teachers have a responsibility and moral directive to change. Every piece of literature, every writing assignment, every single assessment and classroom “management” piece must be viewed through the lens of equity, justice, and culturally relevant teaching. This series will touch on many of those ideas and practices. This is just a start.

Every parent wants the best for their child. No judgement, buts, or exceptions. And if a white parent is teaching their child racism, prejudice and bigotry, it’s up to us, teachers, buildings and districts, to correct this teaching of hate and ignorance. That’s our job.

The fact of the matter is Derek Chauvin went to school, Amy Cooper went to school, so did Gregory and Travis McMichael, and William Bryan. Their schools failed them, as they have done to much of white America, for all of history. And by extension, they have failed the rest of us, with deadly consequences.


Again…this is just a start.