That’s funny

Teachers are not necessarily known for their stand-up comedy routines, especially if they’re women. Wait, let me rephrase that: often women aren’t “allowed” to be funny but we all know that’s silly sexist nonsense. Teachers can be hilarious. I, myself, on occasion, crack myself up, and if no one else thinks I’m funny, meh,

My first year of teaching I was lucky to have Kim as my mentor. She is, objectively and in all ways, so damn funny. She’s an admin now, and her posts about her life, crazy family and dogs keep me in stitches. One of the greatest, pure, straight-up teacher mojo she gave me once was to tell me I was a “pretty crier.” Even if I haven’t retained my ability to be a pretty crier (I cried a lot my first year) she gave me the magic spell to BELIEVE IN MYSELF.

When I first got into teaching I discovered the blog “It’s Not All Flowers and Sausages.” She wrote a book of her exploits, too. Which I did not buy. Because. I’m cheap.

Along the way other educators provided me with as much comic relief as needed (and I need a lot).

Love, Teach gave us #DEVOLSON (dark, evil vortex of late September, October and November). If you haven’t heard of Love, Teach get thee to her writing IMMEDIATELY!

Gerry Brooks is a principal from Kentucky and yes, he’s amazing. This was one of the first videos I saw of his:

Tom Rademacher’s book It Won’t Be Easy is one of my favorite teacher-books, and I wish I had written it. But they don’t let women teachers use cuss words, so no one would have found it as funny.

Eddie B:


I know there have to be others.

And there should be more women.

But–in loving fun, my students have always made me laugh the most. This is what they added to the “what else should Bilbo Baggins pack” list:

Who's funny in the education business?
The restraining order…